Monday, June 20, 2011

Crocheted Pippy Slippers

Check out these awesome crocheted slippers I made using the Pippy Slippers pattern courtesy of Meet Me At Mikes:

I must admit that I did have a little bit of a problem with my slippers when I was making them - they turned out 'man sized' (Literally... Matty put them on and they fit him nice and snug!):

I attribute this mistake to the fact that I am a crocheting novice, however I was able to fix the problem by un-stitching my back seam and unraveling around 8 rows of crocheting:

Now they fit perfectly (and that weird toe thing that was going on in the second photo is gone!)


  1. Cool colours, but I'm a little sad you fixed them. I REALLY wanted to see Matty wearing them. T.

  2. love em! My one big secret favourite thing (not so secret really) that I love crazy bed socks!Seriously, you should see my collection. My mother and my sister tried to hide some really ugly pairs when shopping with me recently, but i succeeded by finding an even crazier pair!

    These ones you have made look incredibly comfortable and have great colours!

    Question- define pippy....


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