Monday, October 24, 2011

Boring Craft...

So I haven't been blogging much because I feel as though what little craft I am managing to get done is quite boring.  But then I figured that maybe, just maybe, it is better to be blogging about boring craft than it is to be not blogging at all?

So let me share a picture of the never ending redwork quilt, which I am ploughing my way through to get finished in time for Alexis's first Christmas:

This is taking up the bulk of my 'crafty' time.  Seriously, each panel is taking me a good 15 to 45 hours to complete and there are 8 panels all up.  Do the math people!  And that is only the stitching part.  I will still then need to sew it all together!  Luckily I only have 1 and a half more panels to stitch, so at this point in time it looks like I might just pull it off in time.

I have also been replenishing the stock I sold at The Design Exchange Market a couple of weeks back:

Yep... I really did sell that much (go me!).  This time I am having a bit of a play around with the colours of the bunny silhouette earrings:

Lime green anyone?


  1. Geez you're keen to be doing all that stitching! No thanks, I need jobs that can be finished quick. I like the lime bunnies! Very cute indeed!
    Must catch up soon!
    Rach x


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