Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pyjama's....Fashionable or Not?

According to an article I read yesterday in the Maeve Daily, pyjama's are now fashionable... so long as you wear them with a pair of heels!

I kind of did a little jump for joy when I heard this news.  What could be better than hanging out in your pyjama's all day long and actually being classed as 'fashionable'?

Since I am always up for a challenge I decided to try it out:

I don't know about you, but personally, I think I am totally rocking this look:

It was a shame that when it came to crunch time, I couldn't leave the house in my attire.  I felt slightly ridiculous.  So I traded my pyjama's and heels for a skirt and tshirt (boo!)

What do you think?  Could you wear your pyjama's and a pair of heels out in public?


  1. Now those are PJ's you could wear out. And you should have, you look awesome!

  2. your pyjamas are pretty special and you do look really good, but mmmmmm they still are pyjamas. It's a cute look on little kids, but the rest of us adults should probably probably leave it to those ultra on trend fashionistas that are falling all over themselves to look 'out there' so that they can get their pictures in the Sunday papers!


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