Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Photo Phone Dump

Geepers I really hate days like today. I woke up sick. Really sick.

Thankfully, Matty was on holidays so I did get to rest a fair bit more than I would have been able to if he wasn't home.

The most disappointing thing about being sick is that the days plans totally flew out the window. I got absolutely nothing done. Not a single thing. Not to worry, I guess there is always tomorrow to catch up on things.

Anyway, here are some photos I have taken for the Fat Mum Slim Photo Challenge over the last week or two.

Here are the remainder of the photos from the April challenge:

(115/366 - Day 26 : Black and White - The hens I bought on our New Zealand holiday in 2008)

(116/366 - Day 27 : Somewhere I've Been - England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Andorra, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Greece, Austria, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Canada, and New Zealand. All 'pre-kids' of course!)

(117/366 - Day 28 : 1pm - Buying drinks for our road trip)

(118/366 - Day 29 : Circle - Mini dim sum tangines)

(119/366 - Day 30 : Something that Makes you Sad - Going out for the day and coming home to a house that looks like a bomb has gone off!)

Now for the May photos:

(120/366 - Day 1 : Peace - Drawn in our sandpit)

(121/366 - Day 2 : Skyline - Taken from our back verandah)

(122/366 - Day 3 : Something you Wore today - Mismatched earrings. Let the truth be told...I've been wearing mismatched earrings for over a month now!)

(123/366 - Day 4 : Fun! - Drawing in shaving cream)

(124/366 - Day 5 : Bird - Filigree bird brooch, available in the online store)

(125/366 - Day 6 : You - A picture of Corben and I on our photo collage wall)

(126/366 - Day 7 : Someone that Inspires you - My lovely friend Rach. We had lunch yesterday and talked about how hard it is to balance everything in life. Sometimes it's nice to know that someone else is feeling the same way you are!)

(127/366 - Day 8 : A smell you adore - Ummm bacon. Yep, that's the only smell I could think of that I love.)

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  1. That sucks Michelle.
    Hope you're feeling better soon

    Rach x


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