Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Round 2 : Vegetable "Toasties"

So you remember the vegetable "toasties" failure, right? Well I thought I would give it another go after receiving a few suggestions from some lovely readers.

First up, I tried the suggestion of using baking paper to stop it from sticking to the sandwich maker:

While that worked, the baking paper resulted in the vegetables being steamed, which meant the nice crunchy outside I was trying to get was pretty much non-existent.

They also didn't come out in one piece:

Next I tried the suggestion of binding the vegetables with egg:

This method was looking pretty promising, with that nice and crunchy crust I was wanting....I even told Corben we "had it in the bag". Then I tried to get the stupid things out. Yep, you guessed it...:

Yet another pile of mashed up veggies.

It was about here that I lost my cool, said a few words my grandmother wouldn't approve of, and decided to bake the rest of the vegetable mix (without egg) in the oven to see how that went:

They looked disgusting:

So I whacked them in the George Foreman grill for a couple of minutes:

And they turned out awesome!

I am still kind of bummed that I haven't found a use for my old school sandwich maker yet, but there was another suggestion of using some sort of pastry to house the vegetable mix. Perhaps I'll see if I can find a suitable paleo recipe and try that out later in the week.

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