Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Frivolities - Blogs worth a Look!

Hi there!  Today I am going to share with you some of the blogs that I read.  I follow quite a large number of blogs, but here are my favourite four:

I happened to stumble across this blog when I saw Natty's desk remodel on Apartment Therapy's Renest:

It was quite a timely find as we have been thinking about furnishing our new, much larger, house with some secondhand furniture.  

It will be a while until we can do that, given I am unable to sand since I am six months pregnant, so in the mean time I am content gathering inspiration from Natty's blog and trying to find second hand pieces that are anywhere near as cool as that desk!

I have to say that this is perhaps my favourite blog.  Just about every single thing that Cathe makes is fantastic, like these fun pocket notebooks:

She is a definite lover of all things vintage and finds the most coolest things in her travels! 

I found this blog via Flower Press when I registered for the brooch swap (more about that next week!).  Megan has a newborn baby and still manages to find time to work on craft projects like her busy book:

Her blog is full of not only craft projects, but also recipes for things like baby bath wash and sensory play dough.  It is well worth a look!

If you have never stopped via this blog, then you are definitely missing out!  Alisa's approach to art makes you feel as though anyone is capable of creating fantastic art pieces, using the most basic of mediums:

She also has a whole heap of online classes which I am dying to enroll in!

What are your favourite blogs?


  1. Just found this one:

    And of course Jess' blog:

    Happy Friday!


  2. thank you for the link to my blog and your kind comments! will check out your other links too :)


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