Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday Frivolities : The Answer to the Guessing Game!

Righteo!  I thought I best pop in to tell you the answer to the guessing game and put you all out of your misery!  I must say the people that had a guess did have me giggling for quite a while.


The convict is out on day release, so has to be accompanied by the policeman.  He wants to see the mystery man to declare his undying love.

The super hero and the clown are members of "Putzsucht Anonymous" - an organisation dedicated to helping those work through their obsession with dressing up.  They want to see the mystery man to persuade him that he too should join their club.

Little Red Riding Hood's parents are currently in prison, so Grandma has become her legal guardian.  As Red Riding Hood is only 16, she is not permitted to see the mystery man without a chaperon - hence Grandma had to act as an escort.

The mystery man has a restraining order out on James Stuckleberry as a result of a recent incident involving a hot dog and a branding iron, so James has dressed up as a ninja to get close to the mystery man to take his revenge.

The pirate lost an eye a while back when he was trying to apply make-up like the mystery man.  He figured that since he was wearing a patch over his eye, he might as well complete the look and dress up as a pirate.

The bus driver is being paid to drive all of these people to see the mystery man.

So, did that help you any?  Do you know where are these people being driven and who the mystery man is?

I didn't think so.........

Well, all these people are going to see Ziggy Stardust live in concert of course!

Rock on Ziggy Stardust, Rock on!


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