Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Guessing Game.....

Today I thought we might have a guessing game for a bit of fun.  So if you're reading this post, I would like it VERY much if you would play along and leave your guess as a comment.... It would be pretty lame if I was playing this guessing game by myself, so don't leave me hanging... please!

Anyway, onto the game.....

Matty's dad made me some wooden people on his lathe, which I then painted up into the following 'people':

A policeman and a convict:

A super hero and a clown:

Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandma:

And a ninja, pirate and a bus driver:

There is one more person who links all of these people together.  I am calling him the 'mystery man':


This is where the guessing game comes in.  Leave a comment with your guess as to why all of these people would be in the same place at the same time and who or what you think the 'mystery man' is!  Too easy.  

If anyone is able to correctly guess the answer, they will be the winner of supreme glory and become my new found hero.

I'm not sure this will help any, but the mystery man is wearing lycra!

Go on.... take a guess!


  1. Oh goodie, I'll Play!

    The bus driver is driving a group of performing artists to their next show, when he accidentally hits the mystery man. The mystery man in lycra is of course a cyclist and the bus driver has given him a little nudge and knocked him off his bike. That's why the police are in attendance.

    How'd I do?


  2. Ok its careers day at school , Stuarts dad is let out of prison for the day.Susans mum and kylies mum got their days confused and thought it was dress up as your favourite book character(little red riding hood and grandma)!Owens dads a policeman(is also handcuffed to stuarts dad cause his on duty),Jennys dads a ninja,Scotts dads a bus driver ,Robbies dad is a pirate.Wendy and Chris's dads work at the circus as a clown and a superhero. They also work with.......Helens dad (AKA mystery man)who gets shot out of a canon!!!
    How did I go??

  3. LOL.... well you've both given me a good giggle, but you're not quite right. Great answers though!

  4. I've been pondering this, and seriously, I've got nothing. Though everyone seems to have a pair, whereas I don't think the clown and superhero "match". Is lycra guy the superhero's sidekick?


  5. This is bugging the absolute crap out of me! Can you put me out of my misery please??? Even google can't help me! :(

  6. lol... you'll have to wait until tomorrow Sal :) Interesting to see what people come up with though!

  7. I've got it! It's a fancy dress party and the mystery man in lycra is the weird guy that no one invited, no one knows, and no one can figure what character he is supposed to be. C'mon we've all seen someone like this at a party.

    Did I get I?


  8. The Mystery Man is a writer. - Dayle. :)


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