Monday, August 1, 2011

An addition to the Nursery

Today I finally finished a chest of drawers I have been working on for the nursery:

They used to look like this....

Seems like it would have been quite a simple project, right?  Wrong!  

Well, the preparation part was simple enough, but painting the red lines on the drawers and along the bottom was a real nightmare.  The red paint I had covered so terribly that I had to paint each line about 6 times and that resulted in a lot of stuff ups! 
Luckily I had already decided it would be 'distressed', so I knew it would end up being ok:

Did you see those handles?  Well, did you?  They were the WORST part of the whole thing to do.  No matter how I painted them they just didn't fit in well with the look I was trying to create.  In the end I just decided to paint them one last time and leave them however they turned out. 

The nursery is finished....for now!

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  1. OOh, for a moment there I thought the addition to the nursery was - gulp - a new baby!


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