Monday, August 1, 2011

Screen Printing Success!

On Saturday I attended the beginners screen printing workshop run by the lovely Laura from Learn2ScreenPrint:

It was so much fun, especially since my friend Rach also took the class:

We cut the designs from contact paper and adhered them to the screen before printing:

We made some cards (I used my bicycle design for those):

And also printed onto a tote bag and material, but since I forgot to take a photo of those, I pilfered this photo from Rach's blog:

I was pretty happy with how the robot turned out and thought Rach's moose head was pretty awesome too!

I can't wait to get my studio done and to set up a space so that I can screenprint some more stuff!


  1. I did some screen printing today! And I've got Dad lined up to make me some more frames to do photo emulsion on. I can't wait to try that! The Lil Blue Boo blog explained it really well, and you can get those supplies from Riot. I just have to come up with some designs for tea towels now. Design Exchange, here we come!

  2. Michele, I used the same screen the next day - ther was a little ghost of your robot on there. It was heaps of fun. I really want to do more.


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