Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cushions and Things

A while back (and I'm talking about 6 years here), Matty's mum made me a lovely quilt and a matching wall hanging.  I loved them both, but I really am not a wall hanging kind of gal.  So while the quilt got used, the wall hanging took pride of place in the linen press.

I often thought about changing the hanging into a cushion, but was worried I would wreck it.  Finally, I decided it was worth at least trying to do that rather than it sitting unused for another 6 years.  Turns out, I didn't stuff it after all:

Now both take pride of place on my new chair (isn't it divine - kind of more like a bed than a chair!):

Speaking of cushions.. I forgot to show you the one I finished for my niece's birthday a few weeks back:


While I'm not the best at needle turn applique, I'm not that embarrassed by it that I won't show you a close up:

I'm pretty sure she liked it too, which is always the best thing! 

Now I'm off to curl up on my chair and read some of Mary Poppins to the baby.  Enjoy your day!

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  1. What a great result with the cushion Michelle! And what a terrific chair...I could use one of those myself :)


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