Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Taking it Easy

With only 11 days to go until I pop out a baby, I thought I better start taking it easy.  That means that some days I will blog and others I may not!

The fact that I don't have many crafting projects left that don't involve sanding or toxic fumes means I don't really have much to blog about anyway.  Bring on getting this baby out so that the crafting can resume, I say!

I have been keeping Matty company while he undercoats the studio (YAY)!

It has been decided that I will wait for mum to rip up the old carpet in her lounge room and use that rather than purchase new flooring, since it's probably just going to end up getting ruined anyway.  

The upside of deciding that, is that I am only waiting for the room to be painted before I can move in, since it will be a few weeks/months/years until the carpet is ready for use  - hoorah! 

Anyway, since it was such a lovely day today I headed outside and did a bit of gardening (or at least my version of it).  I took to these things (whatever they are).....

With a pair of secateurs:

Then I found this thing in the garden shed:

and skewered a couple of weeds.  

That's what it's for, right?

After that I was so tired I had to have a nap lol.  Oh the life I lead!

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