Monday, October 31, 2011

Banana Bread, with no banana's!

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to start cleaning out my pantry and using things that have been in there for quite a while.  One of the things in the pantry was this Banana Bread packet mix I picked up from Aldi:

So I got out my bowl, poured the packet mix into it, added some eggs, oat milk and nuttelex (so that it was dairy free) and then was horrified to see that it also required 2 banana's!  I know, I know... I should have read through the ingredients prior to starting, or at least expected that it would require real banana's, but I didn't.

With no banana's in the house and no car to go and get some, I had no other option than to substitute the banana's for something else.  So I added some stewed apples, a bit of mixed spice and then sprinkled a bit of sugar on the top before baking.  The results were surprisingly good:

It was a little crumbly when I cut off a slice, but I think that was more to do with the fact that it was still warm:

Either way, the apple banana bread was yummy!

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