Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some more daily photos!

Righteo, so I have a couple of photos for you from the last couple of days.  

Just so you know, I am going to start labeling the photos with numbers corresponding to the day they were taken (for example, a photo on the 6th of January would be labeled 6/366).  So, here goes:

6/366 - Keys:

On Friday, Matty and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.   Boy the time goes so fast, yet so slow at the same time!  Matty gave me these keys, since the traditional gift for that anniversary is iron.  Personally, I'm hanging out for the 10th wedding anniversary...diamonds :P

7/366 - A Crafting Mishap:

Unfortunately this yellow doesn't look as bad in the photo as it does in real life.  Imagine 'fluro yellow' and you would be closer to what the colour looks like.  Since this is a piece of furniture for my studio, I am going to paint it with a different shade of yellow.  I don't think my eyes could handle looking at the fluro yellow for too long!

8/366 - Peanut Butter:

I have been unwell for a couple of weeks (since I DO have glandular fever) and am finding I am having trouble eating enough since I spend so much time sleeping!  Not to worry, peanut butter straight from the jar is where it's at (and no... I do not share my jar of peanut butter with anyone else)

9/366 - Old Paper:

While I was preparing an old wardrobe for painting, I found part of an old copy of the local newspaper dated the 12th of January 1980!  Blocks of land in Buninyong were going for $4500!!  Today you would be lucky to pick one up for under $150,000. 

I particularly love this house - 53 squares of living on 10 acres for $190,000!!  

Ahh those were the days!

10/366 - Beans!:

Today my dad and step mum dropped over a bag of beans.  I can't say that I am a bean "Lover", but I chopped up some of these bad boys, sauteed them with some onion, garlic and oil, added some chopped up ham (and a bit of salt and pepper) and put it on top of some quinoa.  Delicious!

I hope you are having a lovely week!

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