Thursday, January 5, 2012

A new 'bambi' is born

Today I dusted off the trusty sewing machine to make Lexi a security blanket:

You see, most of the time when I put her into the cot for her sleep, she talks to herself for a couple of minutes and then drifts off.  Nice and easy.  That happens for every sleep except for the one where I am trying to get her down for the night.  For that sleep, she will not settle unless I sit with her.  I even have a chair pulled up right next to her cot so that I am at least semi-comfortable while I sit there and wait for her to get dozy enough for me to leave!

Today I am taking a stand and saying 'enough'.  I am replacing myself with an inanimate object:

A little patchwork blanket with ribbons for her to chew on and rub with her chubby little fingers.  A little patchwork blanket that I have been carrying around with me all day so that it smells like me.  A little patchwork blanket we will call 'bambi' (because that's what all good blankets are named), who will no doubt become her best friend!: 


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