Monday, January 30, 2012

Tuesdays Treasure - My Wedding Dress

Today I am once again joining in with Rach's "Tuesday's Treasures".  I missed last week due to a series of unfortunate incidents, but I am looking forward to sharing my treasure with you today.

This week I feel as though my 'treasure' chose me.  You see, I have been having this recurring dream for the past week, which goes a little something like this...

I find myself in a seedy bar somewhere in the middle of nowhere, trying to hit on Logan Huntzburger (from the Gilmore Girls) while wearing my wedding dress.  Most of the dream is not spent oogling Logan Huntzburger though, rather it is spent in the bathroom of the classy establishment having beetroot stains scrubbed out of my wedding dress by some 'questionable' bartender who just keeps repeating "Don't worry...soda water will get this out."

Anyway, I digress.  Since I had an overwhelming desire to check my wedding dress for beetroot stains, I thought I would share it as my treasure today:

Even after 6 years I still love the dress and secretly hope to have a reason to wear it again.  Maybe for a 10 year anniversary vow renewal?  

My favourite part of the dress is the bodice:


and all of the beautiful beading:

(31/366 - My Beautiful Wedding Dress) 

Unfortunately (or fortunately) it doesn't fit anymore as it is too big, so I was unable to put it on today and take a photo.  Instead here is one from our wedding day of me walking down the aisle with my dads:

Enjoy your Tuesday!


  1. it is beautiful and the beading is so pretty. and not fitting you anymore...well there is a reason to smile. i would love to be able to say this one day. lovely photos. xo.

  2. Hahahaha! I love this post! What a funny dream to keep having!
    Awesome dress!

    Rach x

  3. The dress is gorgeous, the dream, hilarious!

  4. That's great! Love the dream! Beautiful dress!

  5. Weird dream dude! The dress is stunning, as are you. You could always wear it to do the dishes a-la Monica Geller. T.

  6. Amazing wedding dress, the wedding planner is select a superb dresses. most of the brides peoples are wear this kind of dresses.

  7. Wearing the wedding dress on your 10th-year-anniversary once again would be great! That just shows that he is still and will always be the one.


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