Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A new Robot, among other things

Today I spent a large portion of the kid's nap time making this month's robot, Heartbreaker:

(32/366 - February's Robot 'Heartbreaker')

Now Heartbreaker and Radioacto can hang out together and keep each other company until the March Robot is built:

So last Friday I decided that I needed to make a drastic change to my diet and cut out the excess sugar I have been consuming.  Lets just say that the weekend wasn't pretty.  I had the worst headache ever and was more grumpy than I usually am.  In fact it has only been as of today that I have begun to feel semi-human again.

In order to occupy myself and to stop thinking about how crappy I felt, I decided to stew up a bag of apples for Lexi's meals:

(28/366 - Coring Apples)

It took me two days to do!  The first day I cored and stewed the apples and the next I pureed and popped the apple into storage containers.  It felt like the hugest task EVER!

(29/366 - Apple all ready for eating!)

I have found that after dinner is the worst time for me.  I feel as though I simply HAVE to have something sweet after my evening meal.  I know it's just a habit I have, so I can break it, but in the mean time I have just been keeping myself busy painting Bok Bok B'Gerk stock for the next Market:

(30/366 - Painted Bok Bok B'Gerk Stock)

In other news I am now up to week 3 of the couch to 5km training plan and it is starting to get a little harder now.  In all fairness though, I am running with the kids in the pram and the terrain out here is pretty hilly. 

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  1. those robots are so cool. the couch to 5km training plan sounds like something i need to be doing. love your painted stock. xo


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