Saturday, February 18, 2012

Photo of the Day - Birthdays, Birthdays Everywhere!

In my last post I mentioned that it was my brothers birthday, but I failed to also say that he and I share a birthday (he was born the day I turned 12).  So many birthday's in the one week!:

(46/366 - Corben's Helium Filled Birthday Balloons)

I got some pretty cool stuff for my birthday, especially from my mum.  I particularly liked this gift:

(49/366 - Growing Mint)

Basically it is a herb pot.  You simply crack a hole in the egg, pour in some water and wait for it to grow.  This one is filled with mint, which is perfect as I like drinking my green tea with a little bit of mint.

I really wanted to have a coffee on my birthday (which would be the first one in about a month) but I didn't have the most awesome day, so it kind of got pushed to the backburner.  This morning while we were out Lexi fell asleep in the car, so we took the opportunity to go and get me a soy cappuccino.   

(50/366 - Drinking a cappuccino.  Photo by Corben)

As you can see, it made me a little crazy.....and my left eye seems to have gone a little bung!

This afternoon when I was feeding Lexi her lunch, we noticed that she had her first tooth!  We celebrated by photographing her wearing a moustache!

Look at all that drool!


  1. Happy birthdays, Michelle (no, the 's' isn't a typo!) Glad to know you are all fine.

  2. Holy dooley! You might want to STAY off the coffee! :)


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