Friday, February 17, 2012

Blogging on the iPad

I have often thought how handy it would be if I were able to blog from the iPad, as it is much easier to transport around than the laptop. So I bought a camera connection kit off eBay and downloaded blogpress from the app store and now I am all set to tell you about a problem I am currently having with biscuit making, from the comfort of my iPad.

A couple of weeks ago I bought some moustache cookie cutters. Using a recipe from the CWP cookbook I set to work and made some moustache cookies. They looked pretty damn good.....but they tasted AWFUL!

Since I have been so busy, I didn't get around to trying another recipe until this week. This time round I tried this recipe.

While I am not convinced that it was the best tasting recipe for chocolate biscuits around either, it too was an epic fail as it was too 'doughy' to use with cookie cutters. So instead I just made normal biscuits:

(47/366 - Rich chocolate biscuits)

Not wanting to give up, I tried a third recipe. This recipe looked set to be perfect:

The little bit of cookie dough I sampled tasted good and the dough was easily able to be used with the cutters. The problem came when I looked in the oven and found that they had almost doubled in size, despite having used plain flour!

Since I was giving them to my brother as part of his birthday present, I didn't have time to try another recipe.

We still had a bit of fun with them though, firstly using them as they were meant to be used:

(48/366 - Moustache biscuits)

Then trying them out as eyebrows for 'normal' eyes:

'Sad' eyes:

'Angry' eyes:

And 'Surprised cartoon character' eyes:

So, I guess the question is "Does anyone out there have a recipe for chocolate cookies that can be used with cookie cutters and doesn't expand when baked?"


  1. I have the same cookie cutters !
    I have nevr found a good chocolate biscuit recipe- I just eat my chocolate raw.

  2. Hilarious! I'm guessing you took those pics after I left. T.

  3. My God! Does he want to look any more like Michael?? (did I get the name right?) Spitting image!

    Nope, no magic recipe for you here. I only make cookies that involve chocolate chips, and they aint good for shapes!

    Rach x

  4. btw, I dug out that bottle of elmers glue you sold me (I havn't used it since the last market) and it was set solid in the bottle! It was still sealed tight too! Weird.

  5. I've always had great success with this recipe It's not specifically chocolate but I just sub some of the flour with cocoa. The dough freezes really well too. My kids love it (both the raw dough and once cooked!).

    (Sorry, you've probably no idea who I am but we were in the same EB Feb '10 DIG).


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