Monday, April 2, 2012

Display Cabinet Revamp

Check out my newly upcycled display cabinet, which is now sitting proudly in my studio:

When I picked it up for $25, it looked like this:


But with a couple of coats of my favourite yellow paint, it's looking pretty damn flash indeed:

 (79/366 - More Coneflower Yellow)

Originally I had thought it would be filled to the brim with all of my fabrics, but then I had a major fabric destash and only kept the fabrics I really liked and thought I would use.  From those, I sorted them into two piles - prints and plains - and decided to only display the printed fabrics.

Oh I love this colour!

I have another piece of furniture to show you, but I shall save that for another day!


  1. Fantastic, it looks like a totally different piece in that brilliant colour. My husband rolls his eyes when I spy an unloved piece and tell him it 'just' needs a little coat of paint.... clearly he doesn't share your vision!


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