Monday, April 30, 2012

Celebrating a month of no sugar with a 'sweet' deal!

Today marks one month of being 'sugar free'. While it has been a turbulent ride, I do feel like I am beginning to come out the other side. My mind feels a lot clearer and my energy levels have improved a fair bit too.

I have found that for me, eliminating fruit almost completely from my diet has made things a lot easier. I do still plan to eat fruit occasionally, but not every day like I was prior to my self-imposed sugar ban.

Eating more coconut oil has also assisted me greatly. On the days where I remember to include a healthy amount in my diet, I find I have next to no sugar cravings.

To celebrate a whole month of being sugar-free I have decided to celebrate by setting up an Etsy Coupon Code, which will give you 20% off your order (excluding postage costs). Simply type in 'SWEET' at the checkout. This code will be valid until midnight Sunday the 6th of May 2012.


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