Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Growing Thyme

If you followed my old blog you may know that I am not much of a gardener.  In fact I totally suck at it.  It's a tad disappointing really, since my Grandfather (who I never knew) apparently had quite the green thumb.  If only the skill had been passed down!

When I saw this guy at a junk sale for $1 I snapped him up, thinking he'd be perfect to grow something in:

I planted some Thyme in his "head", because my 16 year old brother thinks that is the "coolest" herb (ummm yeah... not really sure why) and I figure if I can keep it alive for three weeks, then I am obviously now responsible enough to grow stuff.  

Forget the fact that I am already responsible for "growing" two little people now, won't you!

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  1. Oh he's so cute (the little man, not the little brother!).

    And the new site looks great.



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