Thursday, April 19, 2012

Upcycled Wardrobe

We have been having some fantastic weather here of late. The mornings are a little cold and overcast, but by mid morning the sun is shining. It has been a great motivational tool for progressing some of my projects, like this upcycled wardrobe:

We bought the wardrobe out at Ruth's for $35. Of course I was so excited to get a start on it, I forgot to take a 'before' photo. The only photo I have is this one, half way through priming:

I have to say that I am probably more in love with this wardrobe than any average person would be. That is because it replaced the most ugly bookshelf that was EVER made, which we were using for storage in Matty's Man Cave.

The colour is called "Dance Studio" and it's by Dulux. Isn't it lovely and bright!


  1. It's a seriously lovely colour and I really like the sturdy shape of the cupboard (love those Deco drop handles, too)

  2. Omg, was that in the second room to the left? If so, I was eye balling that same wardrobe for Ryleah's room! I was going to paint it yellow. She really didn't need it though! It's looking great! Love it!


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