Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Photo Phone Dump

Ergh! I have been playing around with the post scheduler on blogger, but it just is NOT working. Is anyone else finding the same?

Anyway, it is time to show you some more of my photos from the Photo a Day - April challenge, which is run by Fat Mum Slim:

(92/366 - Day 3 : Mail - Our Letterbox)

(93/366 - Day 4 : Someone who makes you happy - David Bowie)

(94/366 - Day 5 : Tiny - Little Baby Feet)

(95/366 - Day 6 : Lunch - Paleo Chicken Nuggets)

(96/366 - Day 7 : Shadow - Teapot)

(97/366 - Day 8 : Inside my wallet - Waaay too many cards!)

(98/366 - Day 9 : Younger You - Me with my Dad and Uncle)

(99/366 - Day 10 : Cold - My coffee... it's always cold since having kids!)

If you are on instagram (or Twitter) then I would love if you would follow me (boehm_michelle).

Have you heard that Facebook has bought Instagram? Like most other people, I'm hoping they aren't going to "fix" it...since it aint broke!


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    1. Thank you! I hope you will continue to read.

      Enjoy your day


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