Thursday, April 26, 2012

Restoring the Balance : Photo Collage Wall

I work in a job where the pay is TERRIBLE, I don't get paid any overtime and I am on call 24 x 7 with no on call allowance, despite the fact I get called in to 'work' numerous times a night.

Yep, you guessed it. I'm a Stay At Home Mum.

Sure it can be rewarding at times, but mostly I feel like I'm Bill Murray in Groundhog Day - living the same crap day in and day out.

A lot of mums I talk to are feeling a bit the same at the moment. I'm not sure if has something to do with the turbulent weather we've been having or if it is more to do with the monotony of day to day life - changing poopy nappies, doing housework and listening to sporadic bouts of sooking throughout the day.

Whatever is causing it, one thing is for sure. It is zapping our energy and motivation. I
am actually getting to the point where the most simplest of tasks, like thinking of things to have for dinner, is enough to make me want to retreat to a corner, wrap my arms around my knees and rock backwards and forwards for a while. A long while.

When I feel like life is a total drain and that the job of being a mother really isn't all that satisfying, I find that leaving the housework for a day and focusing on doing a creative task is the best way to restore a little balance.

And so that's what I did yesterday. I spent waaaay too many hours creating a photo collage on our living room wall in the shape of a heart:

It was more therapeutic than I thought it would be, as each time I picked up a new photo I was
reminded of a past event that was filled with love and happiness and I realised that my day to day life is really pretty good.

Sure there are times where I want to pack my bags and run away to join the circus, but there are so many good times thrown in the mix too...and now they're all on our wall as a constant reminder.

What do you do to restore a little balance in your life?

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  1. Sweet! Looks really good.

    And the circus just happens to be in Bacchus Marsh at the moment...we passed it yesterday. Just saying in case you've actually got your bags packed.


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