Monday, May 21, 2012

The Rag Rug is Finished!

Oh.My.Goodness! I am SO excited that I have finished the rag rug I started AAAAAGGGEESSS ago.

I am possibly even more excited that it turned out looking so awesome, when it caused me so much grief to make:

I should have known not to use the Moda Bakeshop tutorial when Jodie said she was using a different method, but I pushed on anyway.

It wasn't until I started to sew the rug together that I realised it was going to look terrible, so I made a decision to un-plait the whole thing and start from scratch. I was so furious at the thing by this stage that I didn't even take a photo of how terrible it looked.

The only reason I didn't set fire to the whole thing at this point was because I wanted to make the rug for my niece's birthday as I thought she would really like it. So using Jodie's method I tried again.

About an hour in, I realised I was having some tension issues. The thing was looking closer to a hat than a rug, so we made the baby wear it.... just because we could:

Despite the tension issues I kept going. You can see that it's a little bumpy in the photo below:

I had always planned on embellishing the rug a little with some felt, which was lucky, because by the time I finished my plaiting the rug was still lumpy and bumpy.

Using vliesofix I adhered the rug to the felt backing which helped to stabilise it a bit and miraculously the lumps disappeared:

I cut the word "Smile" out of a bit of felt and blanket stitched that to the top, before cutting a scolloped edge into the backing felt:

The rug itself is only about 55cms in diametre, so it will be perfect for my niece to put her little feet on as she gets out of bed each morning. I hope that seeing the rug will bring just a little smile to her lovely little face!


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