Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Today the cue for the May photo a day challenge was 'a favourite word'.

I chose "Smile" because I needed to cut the word out of felt for another project anyway and also because I can't help but smile when I see the word. What isn't there to like about that?

I haven't really been smiling much of late though. For the last couple of months I have felt a bit all over the place. Sometimes I am happy enough and other times, well, other times not so much. It's during those times that I wish I was a bear and could just go into hibernation for a while.

I feel as though most of my friends are in exciting phases of their lives. Planning weddings, buying houses or having babies. I am slightly envious that they are experiencing the highs of these events, while I am left wondering "What next"?

Today it hit me that I have been looking at things all wrong. I realised that there is no way in hell I would want to be back in the dating game looking for the perfect man; nor would I want to be going through the turbulent time of trying to conceive; nor would I want to be trying to save for a house deposit. I guess, at 32, I am living the dream. I just never expected the dream to be filled with sleepless nights, calloused nipples and a husband that sounds like a blown out truck tyre when he sleeps.

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