Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Things I thought I'd never do.... and then I had kids

I never thought I would be one to reheat my coffee. Ever....

Ten years ago we had a friend who would only ever drink a quarter of his coffee, regardless of what size the cup was. So we got sneaky. When he asked for a second cup, we would reheat his first cup and just top it up with more water. We huddled around the microwave giggling like little school girls while the cup went round and round. In our opinion, it was only cheap people that reheated their coffee.

Yep... I was a total snob!

Fast forward ten years and here I am reheating my coffee sometimes up to five or six times before I get to the end of the cup. Oh my, how times have changed...

I never thought I would wipe someone else's snot on myself, but last week when I dropped Corben at daycare I noticed that he had a boogie hanging out of his nose. Without a second thought I picked the crusty boogie out using just my finger, then I wiped it on my jeans. Classy!

I never thought I would poop with the toilet door open, but since we leave the toilet door in our house open all the time, the kids know where you are as soon as you close it. Little hands pounding on the door, or worse, trying to turn the door knob while you are trying to take a dump...well it's a little distracting. So now I leave the door open and pray to God that I can do my business in peace before they realise where I am...

I never thought I would be ok with stripping off naked in the middle of the change rooms at the local swimming pool, but once you have kids and half the population has seen your 'whoo-har'* (including midwifes you went to school with *cringe*) it doesn't seem to matter who sees you naked. Not to mention you don't have time to stuff around being discrete when your 2 year old is pulling everything out of your swimming bag and the baby is trying to lick the floor of a communal bathroom.

I am sure there are plenty of other things that I thought I would never do, but one thing is certain... my standards have slipped somewhat since having kids:

As a mum, what things do you find yourself doing that you never thought you would?

*polite term for va-jay-jay


  1. Ha ha ha - too true! I never thought I would sing in public but now I'll do anything to calm a crying baby. I never thought I would refer to myself in the third person either, but now I'm always saying "can mummy have....."

    Love your new look blog too - very classy and professional


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