Friday, July 13, 2012

Illustration - What I would wear if I were an Ewok

Today (as part of my goal to enhance my illustration ability) I thought I would share with you a drawing of what I would wear if I was an Ewok.

Since I find the standard Ewok attire a little drab (and perhaps a little too revealing for my prudish nature), I am instead opting to wear the following:

  • A decorated head scarf I picked up on some recent travels;
  • The Christmas sweater my American grandmother knitted me;
  • A pair of stripey mittens I bartered for some nuts and berries;
  • Some patterned pants I picked up on eBay; and
  • My sturdy hiking boots

And since I don't really plan on doing much hunting for the clan, I figured I would carry a crochet hook instead of a spear... because you never know when you might have to bust out a crocheted dish cloth.

Please excuse the colour of my face. I had it waxed last week and well, the skin underneath was a little paler than I had anticipated. Nothing a bit of fake tan won't fix though, I guess...*awkward*

Anyway, while I was drawing this picture I got to thinking about the Ewoks and I came to the conclusion that they can't have been the most clever of beings. I mean, they apparently had a Caravan of Courage yet they opted to live in tree houses? What is with that?

The Ewok me would definitely have lived in the caravan. I get pretty cold, especially at night, so I wouldn't have wanted to be living in some drafty tree dwelling! Anyway, my caravan would have looked something like this:

and (of course) it would have been decked out with all of my favourite items,
like a mega huge canister of coffee, my juicer and a whole heap of organic vegetables.

I have to say.. I think the life of an Ewok would be pretty damn sweet!

By now you may be thinking I am a little crazy (and you'd be right), but I think the above illustrates perfectly what I really wanted this post to be about...Imagination.

Imagination is such a big part of our family life and I believe it is one of the most important things you can encourage in your children. Without imaginative play, children do not develop the thought processes they need to be able to solve problems creatively. Essentially, they fail to be able to "think outside the box".

How do you encourage imagination in your children?

For us, a lot of our imaginative play is in the form of role playing. On any given day we may be a dinosaurs, the pilot of a rocket ship bound for outer space or prospectors looking for gold nuggets. So if you happen to visit us while we're searching for the bog of eternal stench... well you better be ready to join us... or you may not be allowed in!


  1. Seriously? You'd rather live in a caravan than a TREE HOUSE?? It isn't even cold when you're snuggling up to Han Solo at storytime! :)

    1. Yeah, but if you are cuddling up to han solo, then it is most probable that chewbacca is there too. I hear that dude has night terrors! Don't tell me you wouldn't be crapping your dacks listening to a wookie raging out up in your little tree house in the middle of the night... Man, you would be lucky to wake up in the morning without having had half your face ripped off ;)

    2. You know I don't worry about wookies - I married one!


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