Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Studio : A work in Progress

We finally moved into our new house on the weekend and while it wasn’t totally smooth sailing, it certainly could have been a lot worse!   

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about this new house is that I will have a dedicated craft space, which will be known as my ‘studio’:

At the moment, it is a dumping ground for all of the shed stuff as well as my craft stuff, so it looks a little like a bomb site.  Ergh!:

It does need a fair amount of work and will probably take us a while to complete, but it is just the project I need as there is very little to do to the inside of the house.

My job this week is to re-disperse this stuff so that I can actually work out what I am going to do with the space.  There are existing cupboards and shelves, but I don’t think they are suitable for holding my craft supplies.  

Matty has big plans of knocking down the shelving at the back and replacing it with floor to ceiling cupboards.  I must say I like that idea very much!

I think with a coat of paint and some minor changes it will at least start looking a little better.  I will be sure to keep you updated on our progress!

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  1. "Existing cupboards and shelves" sound divine! Enjoy your new space and all of the fun of reorganizing...


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