Sunday, July 17, 2011

Friday Frivolities (on Sunday) : Pinteresting Playrooms

So firstly let me apologise for the lack of a post on Friday.  I was exhausted, so opted to head to bed at 7pm instead of posting.  The good news is that I got in a solid 12 hours of sleep, which when you're a mum is absolute bliss!  I am feeling much better now and a little more refreshed.

Anyway, today I wanted to post about Pinterest as it seems to have divided the crafting community.  Some people absolutely love it, while others just can't seem to get into it.  

Me?  Well, I'm undecided BUT I did decide to give it a trial run last week when I was researching ideas for our playroom and I must admit that I did find it helpful (once I understood how to use it).

Here are some pictures that I 'pinned' as inspiration for the playroom:

This cute Alphabet Wall Art from That's My Letter:

Although I am thinking that I will not use alphabet flash cards since there will definitely be one of these Alphabet Walls somewhere, as seen on Small Place Style:

And since there will be one of those, I needed some inspiration for making the letters too.  I am loving the use of the map as a covering on this letter 'b' from Urban Outfitters:

Of course as a mum I want to make sure there are some rules.  What better idea than to display them on the wall for all to see with a sign from Barn Owl Primitives:

And finally.  What more could you want - bunting flags, floor cushions and your very own teepee as seen on the Marion House Book:

Isn't is just divine!

Do you use Pinterest? What are your thoughts? 

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  1. Loving these ideas! Soooo cool! Definitely hope to remember this when I have playrooms to decorate!


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