Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Mojo did not return :(

Well..... I didn't exactly get my craft mojo back, but I did make headway on some of the craft projects I've had on the go for a while......

I did a bit of satin stitch on the Christmas quilt I am making for the new baby:

I packaged up this fabric covered notebook ready for posting to a very special person (I can't tell you who because she reads this blog!):

I decided on the colour "Umbrella Green" for the walls in the playroom (the colour in the middle):

I got this awesome red paint for a project I'm hoping to show you tomorrow (or maybe Thursday):

And I had a bit of a think about what I am going to do with these vintage alphabet cards my lovely Mother In Law gave me from her teaching resources stash:

Some of the letters are missing, but if you look at the picture below, it looks like they are just hand drawn and coloured in with crayon before being scanned in to the computer and printed:

So I thought I might try and draw some pictures for the missing letters myself - Yikes!

All in all, quite a productive day.  What did you do?


  1. Day off today - hmm, let's see - I lurked in Blogland, machine pieced two blocks (I HATE piecing but it's part of a group project, which doesn't make me like it any more, just means I have to do it...) read my book, thought about tidying up the sewing room, did some ironing while watching the DVD of Mao's Last Dancer, made a cake, cooked dinner, completed the census form - and now I am pooped!

  2. Are you gonna sell those notebooks at the market? They look ace!

  3. Yess I think you should sell those notebooks too!!! They are wonderful! I would love to have one---your friend is sure lucky!!!


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