Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Calendar - Fold your own Robot!

One of the coolest gifts I received at Christmas was a "Fold your Own" Robot Calendar from my lovely husband:

Each month comes with it's own Robot to punch out and put together:

"Radiacto" was the robot for this month:

I am trying to refrain from building all of the robots now!  Some of them are waaaaay, way cool!

Anyway as I mentioned yesterday, I am aiming to take a picture a day to capture the things going on in our house.  Here is the photo from yesterday of Corben taking Mr Bear for a ride in the trailer of his Cosy Coupe (don't fear for his safety people, Mr Bear is securely strapped on!):

and from today:

Nope, I am not building something.  I am demolishing *muhahahahahaha* (don't tell the husband!)


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  1. That robot calendar is awesome! I look forward to seeing them each month, so resist the urge to do them all now. T.


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