Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So far I am finding my aim of taking a photo a day quite easy (although it IS only day 4!).  I am also finding it is inspiring me to blog a little more as well.

Today's photo is of the leftovers from my lunch - Chicken and Bacon Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah):

I have been eating a dairy free and grain free diet for almost 2 months now and must admit that I am finding it a lot easier to stick to than I thought I would.  I am also feeling a lot better (which was the reason for me changing my diet in the first place).

To make Chicken and Bacon quinoa I simply brown up some onion and garlic, throw in some chicken and bacon and let it all cook.  Once done I add in a couple of cups of cooked quinoa, a tablespoon of sweet paprika and a tablespoon of basil, then drizzle over a little olive oil and let it cook a little more then it's done.

Best thing is, that the whole family eat it - yay!

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  1. Total quinoa junkie. Try it with caramelized onions and craisins, with a bit of white pepper. To die for!


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