Friday, February 3, 2012

The Beginnings of a Rag Rug

As if I don't have enough projects on the go, I decided to sign up for Jodie's Rag Rug-a-Long a couple of weeks back.  

Seeing the progress she had made on hers got me a tad excited, so with the help of my chief supervisor we made a start on cutting up the fabric:

(33/366 - Cutting up Fabric for the Rag Rug)

Boy did THAT take a lot longer than I thought it would...although I think I probably have enough fabric cut for ten rugs!

I am using the Moda Bake Shop tutorial because I like to hand sew, and yes, I realise I am in the minority here!  

I had plans of working on the plaiting of the rag rug today, but I was so close to finishing 'Inheritance' that I decided to read that while Corben played:

(34/366 - Reading 'Inheritance')

When I was half way through the last chapter, I realised it was quiet.  A tad TOO I went searching for the boy.  

I found him building a road out of the 48 pack of toilet rolls he had opened up:

I didn't mind so much.  Especially since once he had finished playing with them he loaded up his trolley...

and put them all away:

I swear this kid does more work around the house than I do!

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