Monday, January 16, 2012

Time to get out of my funk...

I have been in a bit of a 'funk' for a couple of months now, mainly due to being tired and sick aaaaaall the time, but I feel as though it is time to get myself out of this rut and back to my normal, crazy self.  

So rather than sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I have been doing small things to bring just a little bit of happiness into my life......Like painting stuff craaaaazy colours:

(13/366 - Pumpkin Pleasure)

I must say I was a little worried about "Pumpkin Pleasure", but I was too lazy to go back to Bunnings to get a different colour.  Turns out it wasn't as scary as I thought it might have been....but I will tell you all about that in another post later in the week.

I have found that one of the biggest problems I have had since becoming a stay at home mum is putting too much emphasis on the weekends.  I have visions of us doing all of this crazily fun stuff as a family, but the reality is that the weekends come and go so quick that by the time we do all the things we 'need' to, well there isn't really time for much else.  

Last week I set myself a goal - To do just ONE fun thing on the weekend.  So on Saturday morning we got ready nice and early and went out to some garage sales, which we haven't really done since Alexis was born.  I find it just a little comforting to look through other peoples junk for treasures.  I'm not really sure why.... perhaps that's a tad creepy!  

Anyway, I digress.  My treasure for the day was a glass cake stand with a lid for a mere $2.  That's right people...TWO DOLLARS!  It inspired me to bake up some Billy G cookies:

(14/366 - Garage Sale Score!)

Another thing that I have been doing to bring some happiness into my life is spending a little time getting to know my camera and all of it's functions.  It gives me something to do when the kids are playing and I want to relax but also feel like I am doing something semi productive:

(15/366 - Pear and Farax)

Isn't she just adorable!  At this stage I am only really getting one good photo out of the 50 that I take, but I am sure I will get better with practice.

One thing that has really been getting me down is the little extra weight I have put on.  According to the scales I am only 3kgs heavier than when I fell pregnant with Lexi (and 7kgs since I fell pregnant with Corben), but it is the excess flab I know that I am carrying on my tummy and my bum that I am finding depressing! 

When I flopped down on the couch the other day and my thighs 'clapped' together, I knew it was time for action.  I don't want to end up like this (I hope I don't offend you, thigh clapping lady!).  

I decided it was time to take up running...again:

(16/366 - New Running Shoes)

I was training to run 10kms about three years ago, before I had a tumour the size of a grapefruit removed from my stomach.  Now it is time to get back in to it.  

I have decided to follow the Couch to 5km workout schedule, so that I don't over do it and lose interest.  Tonight was my first session and I did waaaaay better than I thought I would.  I am hoping that it gives me a little more energy, so that I find myself doing more incidental exercise each day.  I will keep you posted on my progress.  In theory, I should be able to run down to my mum's house by about mid March (fingers crossed!)

In other news, I picked up some carpet squares for the studio on ebay for about half the price it was going to cost me to get them from bunnings!  Score!  The downside was that EVERYTHING in there had to be taken out for them to be laid and so now the studio is in more disarray than ever before....but the floor DOES look good!

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  1. What a score! And go easy on yourself---she's still so little...


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