Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Little Acorn People

Yesterday I needed a 'real' coffee, so Corben and I left Lexi at home with Matty and headed into Buninyong for a while.

In order to keep him entertained while I drank my coffee, I gave him a paper bag and we sat in the garden while he collected some acorns:

After I had finished my coffee we brought the bag home and sorted out the good acorns and threw the broken ones in the bin:

Then he played with the acorns for HOURS!

I kind of felt left out, so I decided to make some into little people...

Meet Dave, his wife Trinity and their son Maximilian:

They've each just received a nice crocheted chevron beanie from their neighbour, Peggy. Peggy is pretty hip for a 60 year old. She likes sipping latte's, go-go dancing and taking photos with Instagram:

Trinity likes Peggy, although she prefers not to remind herself about the time Peggy got a little tipsy at the annual street party and dry humped Dave's leg in front of her kid. Peggy's boyfriend Stan, however, isn't so likeable with his stripey beanie and his "crazy" eyes:

Hmmm crazy eyes...

Anyone got any good 'acorn crafts'?


  1. Peggy sounds familiar...

    They're very cute. I bet Corben loves them!

  2. This story cracked me up Michelle!

  3. How very sweet! I really love the hats!


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